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about us

Premium Development

Premium Development in our motto symbolises an uncompromising quality, sense of detail and reliability of technical solutions. Whether we are talking about our most exclusive projects or about the larger ones, the quality and client's satisfaction are the only benchmarks of our sucess. We always present our clients with a premium – something extra and unexpected.

Premium does not mean the most expensive or ostentatiously lavish. Premium means the highest value provided to the client regardles the size of his budget or his choice among our projects.

latest projects

There is only one "first project". So is the second, though...and third as well.
These are the latest in the long line of ours.


architect: Under-Construction Architects

Residential complex with a large park, pond, running track and a café.


architect: machar & teichman

Residential project in Prague, within a walking distance from subway station and bus stops.


architect: Jestico + Whiles

Sakura is yet another step in our concept of premium living buildings.