Always something new

New project – Prague 9

In spite of the summer, the holidays and the general rest and relaxation, we managed to complete the acquisition of a new residential project at the beginning of September after several months of negotiations. The project is going up in Prague 9, not far from the popular Letňany shopping centre and close to the metro and bus.

Truhlárna – valid building permit

We have obtained the valid building permit for the Truhlárna project.

Milhouse – construction approved

At the end of November 2016 we received a valid building permit for the multifunctional Milhouse building.


To our great delight, we have successfully completed the acquisition of new parcels of land after nearly a year of negotiations and preparations.

Barrandovská zahrada – construction underway

At the beginning of December we started the construction of the Barrandovská zahrada block of flats. The project will be completed within 24 months from its commencement.

Barrandovská zahrada

The parcel with an area of 3350 m2 lies on the edge of the Barrandov rock massif in the residential neighbourhood of old Barrandov. Thanks to the large space in the middle of greenery and the low number of houses, each owner in our cosy project will get their own garden.

Establishment of affiliated company T.E.C.M

T.E Construction Management is a company affiliated with T.E Development Group. Its primary purpose is to provide our development projects with general contractor services and technical supervision for the investor.

Multifunctional building in Brno

In the locality of Brno, where Mlýnská, Masná and Zvonařka streets intersect, a new multifunctional building will be going up on the site of currently-existing temporary structures.


Following lengthy negotiations, we have acquired two plots of land in the listed Tejnka zone in Prague 6 for our next project.